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4 Ways TO Make Your Home Look Bigger!! #goodtoask

1. Declutter your home to maintain some empty space. 

A messy house will look smaller than a clean house because clutter reduces visible floor and wall space. Ideally, each shelf, table, desk, or other furniture item should have some empty space on it.

  • For example, you could place a single book on a coffee table in your living room, or a single vase on a dresser, or a single clay sculpture on a bookshelf.
  • To declutter a room, try setting up 3 boxes: 1 for items to keep, 1 for items to donate, and 1 for items to throw away.

2. Open the curtains and blinds to let in more light. 

Letting in as much light as possible will make your home appear larger. Open up all of the windows and blinds to create the illusion of more space.

  • Clean your windows to let in the maximum amount of light.

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3. Move furniture to create more open areas on the floor. 

If your furniture is taking up most of the floor space in a room, moving it around can make a big difference. Move each of the pieces so that there will be more visible floor space around them. Some options for arranging your furniture include:

  • Moving your furniture to the center of a room if you only have a few small or medium sized items. For example, you could move a few chairs to the center of the room so that they are gathered around a coffee table. This will open up the space around the backs of the chairs.
  • Placing larger furniture pieces at angles if you can’t arrange them another way. For example, you could turn your bed or sofa so it is at an angle to a wall.
  • Moving furniture to the sides of the room if you want more space to walk through. For example, you could push your sofa and chairs in the living room to the perimeters of the room.
  • Taking 1 or more pieces of furniture out of a room if there is very little floor or wall space. For example, you could take 1 seldom used chair out of the living room, or remove the nightstands from your bedroom.

4. Turn on all the lamps and lighting fixtures in a room to illuminate it.

 More lamps in a room will also make the room seem bigger, but only if they are switched on. Turn on all of the lamps in your room. If you do not have very many lamps, consider adding a few more.

  • Light fixtures can also make a room seem larger. You could switch these on as well.

Wrapping Up

With these 4 notes, Make your home bigger, Still facing the issue to resolve this connect hemlock farms real estate agents. Which is to describe more details about the home’s looks.

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